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How long does it take to get my passport photos back?

Once we receive a good photo from you our standard service takes 3-4 business days to put the photos in the mail. We do have a rush service for $9.99 and that will put the photos in the mail by the next business day.

Can you do infant photos for United Kingdom?

Yes we can do infant photos for the UK. If you live in Orange county, CA we can come out to your house or office and take the photo with our mobile service. Or if you live out side of that area you can use our online service. All you would need to do is lay the infant on its back on a white black and take the photo from above. Then just upload it to our website. If there are any problems with the photo you send us we will reply to you by email and let you know how to fix them and then you would just attach a new photo to that email. Regards, Passportphotonow

Hi, I need a Visa Photo for my Fiancee living in the Philippines. It is for an application for a Fiancee Visa (I-129F), going to the USCIS for processing of the Visa if accepted. What is the best way for me to get her photo to you to make the Visa Photo to be sent to me in Florida?

Hello, You would just need to take a photo according to our webpage "How to take a passport photo" then place an order through our website. Regards, Bruce

What do I do about red eye? It's for an Australian passport.

Don't worry about red eye we will take care of that when printing the photo.

I am applying for e-tourist visas to India for myself and my two children. The applications require .jpg passport-quality photos of each of us, which are not available by normal means (the drugstores, etc.). Would you be able to take such photos and provide me with .jpgs on a thumb drive? I would like to get the applications submitted this coming week (week of January 2nd). We are leaving on 1/14, and I need to apply for the visas no later than 1/10. Thank you.

Yes, we can make .jpg files for your India e-tourist visa's. When placing your order though our website you can select us to email you the file, have us mail you a CD with the file on it or you can do both. Let me know if you have any other questions. ~ BruceHallstrom Passport Photo Now

Can you send photos overseas? I need photos sent to Japan.

Yes, we send photos anywhere in the world.

Hello, a friend of mine needs a Canadian Passport. I have a small photography business and she wants me to take the photo for her, but I have no way to print it and size it correctly according to the Canadian specs. Am I allowed to send the digital file into you to have you print them for me even though they are someone else's photo?. WHose name goes on the back...mine, or your companies? IN other words, can your company legally print and size the passport photos for someone who used another photographer to take the photo, and NOT themselves. PLEase advise. THanks, G. Gehret

Hello Gehret, Yes, that is what we are here to do. You would take a good photo, upload it to our site and we will print it correctly to pass the Canadian Governments strict requirements. You would then just write your studios address on the back of the photo and date it. Let me know if you have any other questions. regards, Bruce

Hi! I live in Huntington Beach and require a photo of my 7 month old child for an Australian passport application. I see in your Q&A section that you can come to my home to take the photo, is this still possible? Is there a fee associated with this service? Thank you, Jessica

Hello, Yes this is still possible and the cost is $60.00 to take the photo. ~ Bruce Passport Photo Now

Hello Do you make german required. passfotos?

Hello, Yes, we make German Passport photos. Here is a link to our webpage with all the requirements; Let me know if you have any other questions. Regards, Bruce Hallstrom Passport Photo Now

Hi, I need photos formatted for an Irish working visa. Do I just need to send you photos taken with my smart phone using the Irish passport photo guidelines and then you format it for me? Will it be in jpg format? Thanks, Danyelle

Hello, That is correct, you can also read our "How to take your Passport Photo" webpage for more information about taking a photo. Yes we will send you a .jpeg file. Bruce - Passport Photo Now

I need a Canadian citizenship photo first and then a passport photo. Walgreens took my U.S. passport but they cannot do the Canadian size. Can I have them take the picture but not crop it, can I use that for you? If so, do I then scan the picture to send to you? What resolution and what format? What about all the language on the Canadian site about photographer Identification? George Sullivan (Now in Florida but formerly Yorba Linda)

Hello George, You can have Walgreen's take the photo but they would need to save the original un-cropped digital file from the camera on a CD or Thumb drive or you. A scanned photo will not work. The bigger the file size the better. If you have a camera you can also take your own photo. For tips on taking you own photo go to our webpage "How to take a Passport photo"

Hello! I am a permanent Resident of Canada with effect from March 10th,2017 landed at Edmonton AB. I and m wife did not receive our PR prior departure to USA hence we are required to obtain PRTD. We are permanent Resident of USA too. Can you take two photographs each for us as per specification mentioned in the letter( I will bring the letter with me) Please confirm that you can also arrange to obtained the PRTD for us. We have filled up the forms and attached relevant copies of other documents. Please revert back to me at the earliest. My. Ontact info : 1-248-4xx-xxxx Thanks and regards, Ehtesham M.

Hello Ehtesham, Yes we can make your photos for the Canadian Permanent Resident Card, from the photos you take with your camera. We do not arrange anything for you to obtain your PCR. Bruce Passport Photo Now

Can a six year old girl wear a head band when getting her photo taken?

No, she can not wear a head band, hat or scarf. You can put the hair back in a ponytail, braids or down out of the face.

Does your company offer expedited shipping services of the photos?

Yes, we offer USPS Priority mail (3-5 days) for an additional $7.99 and USPS Express mail (1-3 days) for $21.50. We also offer a rush service for $9.99 to put your photos in the mail by the next business day. The standard free shipping is 3-9 business days.

I need to print 2 photos for my Mom of her Canadian permanent Residents Card. 1> Once I upload the digital photo of my Mom to your website, can you print your name and address together the date on the back on the photo? 2> How long will it take for me to receive the 2 photo?

Yes we make Canadian Permanent Resident Card Photos. Yes we will hand write our address and the date the date on the back of the photo. Here is the link to our web page; The standard time is 3-4 business days to put the photos in the mail. You can pay for rush services and shipping if you like.

I have the new iPhone 7S . My digital camera is an old cannon sure shot. Probably over 10 years old. Will it really be better than portrait setting on the 7S. This will be for an Australian passport renewal. Thank you

Please try it with both. We will let you know if the photo is good enough before we print it. More then likely the 10 year old Cannon will take a better photo then your iPhone. Passport Photo Now

Hi,I have digital photos of my family of 4 and we need them for the Canadian permanent resident visa. I reside in Sydney Australia,how soon can we get the passports mailed and delivered and how much would it cost to have 4 copies for each person. NB: we have had anoda photographer edit these photos and we submitted but it didn't meet specification. Would really appreciate if you can help us. Thank you

Hello, Yes we can help you with your Canadian Permanent Resident photos. The cost is $14.99 for each set of 4 photos. If you pay the $9.99 Rush fee we will have the photos in the mail by the next business day. You can also chose to upgrade your shipping to get it there faster. Let me know if you have any other questions. Regards, Passport Photo Now Bruce Hallstrom

For Canadian Passports do you stamp the back with your name and star as required by Canada? Thank you.

We will hand write our Company name, address and date the photo was taken on the back of the photo.

My husband and I need photos for Chinese travel visas. Can we get passport photos from CVS (2" x 2") and send them to you to be reformatted to comply with Chinese visa requirements? If so, how many copies do you need from us and how many do we need for each visa? What will be the cost to us and how shall we pay?

Hard copy photos will not work to make new photos, as a scan or Photo of a photo is not of good enough quality for any Government photos. But you can have CVS take the photo and then put the original digital file out of the camera on a thumb drive or CD and then place an order through our website. The most common way is to take a photo yourself using a hand held digital camera with a built in flash. You can see how to do this on our web page "How to take a Passport photo" passport

I do not have a digital camera. I was assuming that from an iPhone is okay but after reading some previous questions I'm guessing they are not acceptable? And cig I have more than one photo and am not sure which is the best, can I send more than one? Thanks.

Any old or new hand held digital camera with a built in flash would work better the any cell phone including iPhone's. But if you do not have a camera or able to barrow one please use your iPhone and make sure your flash goes off at full power. Once we have your order we will let you know within that day if it is good enough or not to use. If their are problems with the photo you uploaded we will tell what needs to be done to fix it.

Enter Question here!hello I am Rebecca. Are you also doing picture for American Lottery?where are you based?

Hello, Yes we make photos and digital files for American Lottery. We are based out of Huntington Beach, CA 92646. ~ Bruce Hallstrom Passport Photo Now

How long does it take to renew the Senegalese passport.

We only make the "photos" for the Senegalese passport and they take 3-4 days with our standard service (rush available). You would need to contact the embassy or Consulate to find out how long the Passport would take. ~ Bruce

Hi I understand that u got the measurements and the other things that the Canadians want (including stamping ur name and date on the back etc.) But what happens if the picture I take is not clear for example? Thanks

If the photo you take is not good enough we will let you via email, giving you suggestions on how to fix the problem. You would then take a new photo until it is correct. We will help you the whole way through the process. ~ Bruce

Hello, I'm looking at your Canadian citizenship photo specs. They state they are 35mm by 45mm but the official Canadian site says 50mm by 70mm. I want to place an order but want to make sure the size is correct. thanks Mike

Hello, You are correct the Canadian Citizenship photos use to be 35mm x 45mm, but just recently the Canadian Government changed them to 50mm x 70mm just like the Canadian Passport Photos. The only difference is that you still need to have the Photographers name, address and the date the photo was taken on the back of "both photos".

If I need passport photos for multiple infants should I do all separate orders?

No, you can place all the different people on the same order by clicking + Add more photos.

Hello, I have got my passport photographs from a professional photographer an year ago.Could you please resize the photo as per the Canadian VISA format. And also is it possible to print the current date instead of the old date?

Yes we can resize your original digital file to the required size for a Canadian Visa Photo. However if your photo is over 6 months old they will not be accepted by the Canadian Government as we write the date the photo was taken on the back of the photo.

Hello, I need two passport size photos printed and sent to me for canadian permanent residence visa. I am located in Columbus, Ohio. The pictures should match Canadian PR photo specification. May I know the process to send my photos and the coast? Thanks, Shatakshi

Hello Shatakshi, You would take a photo using a regular hand held digital camera with a built in flash following the 10 tips on our "How to take a Passport Photo" web page. Then just simply upload your photo on our "Place your Order" web page and pay for the services you need. The standard service cost is $9.99. Regards, Passport Photo Now

Hi, I need a photo for Canadian Permanent Residency. What file formats do you accept? What is the minimum and maximum file size? I'm having my photos done tomorrow at a photo studio; the photographer will provide me with the original digital file. Thanks, Dodie

We need a standard .jpeg file and at the minimum a 1MB file. The bigger the file the better.

I need pictures for an Austrian passport, My zip code is 20906. Where is the nearest photographer?

we do not have any photographers in your area so you would need to use our online service. Just follow our "How to Take a Passport Photo" webpage and place an order. Once we have your order we will evaluate your picture and let you know if you need to take a new photo and how to fix the problems that may be found.

My friend photo was sent to the EMGS but they didn't accept it they rejected 2times already what should he do now

Take a photo following our photo tips on our webpage "How to take a Passport Photo" and upload it through our Website. We will then print the photos to the exact requirements for the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) application is asking for. They will be guaranteed to pass the strict rules.

Hi there, I am in Costa Rica in an area where there are no studios to take my husband's photo for his permanent resident card. Can I send you a photo and can you sign this photo. They say, The back of the photograph must: 1) bear the name and of birth of the subject as well as the name and complete address of the photography studio. 2) bear the date the photograph was taken and 3) the photographer may use a stamp or handwrite this information. Can you do this if you did not take the actual photo I will be sending? Martine

Hello Martine, Yes we can do that for your permanent resident card photos. You just need to take the photo following the 10 Tips on how to take a Passport Photo on our website. We will do the rest for you. Regards, Bruce Hallstrom Passport Photo Now

Hello, I need photos to apply Chinese visa. How can I order from you? Do you have a location?

You would just place an order through our website by clicking the "Place order Now" button we do not have a location for you to come to, we only offer an online service and Mobile service.

What kind of photo I should upload? thanks

We would want the original digital .Jpeg file from your camera

How can I send these picture via from my android phone to see if these are suited to the photos that are needed for passport pictures

You would need to place an order through our website. If the photos are not good enough we will reply to you with information on how to fix the photos.You would then take new photos and attach them to that email. Once we get good enough pictures from you we will print and mail them back to you.

What type of picture can I send. Can it be a digital copy of the U.S. passport suffice to be converted into Canadian PR card and Canadian passport pictures.

We need the original digital file from the camera the took the photo.

I am taking a endorsed as a true copy photo on Monday to the Australian Embassy in Chicago. The official there gave me your details and said that I can bring the photo endorsed with me and order photos with you on-line and you will send them to the Consulate direct. The consulate officer said that he and you knew each other well. I can send the photo to you later this afternoon and will pay for a rush and delivery service to the Australian Consulate in Chicago. Will they receive it by Monday, Tuesday the latest? Thank you, Robert

Hello Robert, Yes that is correct, we send photos direct to all the Australian Consulates on a daily basis. If you pay the rush fee and then for expedited shipping today it would be there by Monday or Tuesday by the latest. - Bruce

Hi there! I need to get 2 photos each for Canadian PR Card for me, my wife and my two kids. How long will it take from the time you receive a workable set of images to deliver it to my address in Toronto, Canada given that I use your Rush service and priority mail.

Once we have the photos printed and mailed via Priority USPS Mail it takes (2-5 days delivery time) to you in Toronto, Canada.

Do you print date taken and the photo studio at the back of the photo? It is required for a Canadian passport

Yes we will hand write our name, address and date on the back of the photo.

Hi, do you help with visa photos for Netherlands? If yes, do you send the photo sheets and I have to cut it out or do you send the photos itself? Regards Nikhil

Nikhil - Yes we can help you and make Visa Photos for Netherlands. We will cut the photos down to the exact size that is needed.

Where do I go to get my picture taken for the foid card.

You can use your phone or camera and follow our 10 tips on our "How to take a Passport Photo" web page. Then place an order with us and we will print and mail the photos to you for $9.99.

Hi, I need photos for my 10 month old's Australian passport application. Do you have any other suggestions on how to take good photos of infants? Thanks, Julia BTW - last time I was at the Aussie Consulate in America, I flew through the application with your photos. There was a guy in the line before me that had been there on 3 separate occasions and still was getting rejected thanks to photo issues. Thank you so much for providing this service!

Hello, Please follow the 10 tips on our "How to take a Passport Photo" and Infants or very small children who are unable to support themselves should be photographed lying down from above. Hands, arms, etc. used to support the child should not be visible. Bruce Passport Photo Now

I wanted to know if you do Zambian passport photos and what do you need

Yes we make photos for the Zambian passport and know all the requirements. Here is the link to our web page with all the information; Let me know if you have ant other questions.

Hello I need a photo to renew my Bermuda passport, if I get a digital photo and send it yo you, you can make it to the specifications, but do you print the pictures, or will I have to get them printed elsewhere?

Hello Dana, Once you place your order for Bermuda passport photos we will print the photos and mail them you.

My brother and I received Canadian citizenship photos from you and would like to order Canadian passport photos. Print Order Number 18xxxJAN Do you still have this on photos on file? Thank you, Nancy

Hello, We do still have your Canadian Citizenship photos on file but unfortunately, you will have to take new photos because they are more then 6 months old. Bruce

Do you send two separate cut pictures or are they side by side?

We cut the photos individually, unless you request us not to.

Can I mail you photos to process rather than upload them

No, we must have the original digital file from the camera that took the photo.

If I order a rush digital file is that emailed to me so that I can get it printed up and then take it to the embassy on Monday? Robert

Yes we can do that for you but I would not recommend doing this as you can take the same digital file to 10 printing companies and you will receive 10 different quality prints. I can only guarantee the photos passing if we print the photos for you. - Bruce

I need the picture for an online application for a foid card. Are you able to send it to me through my email in jpeg form?

Yes we can make you a digital file for your FOID card application that we will email to you. Just make sure to select "Email me the digital file after the images have been adjusted" for $7.99 when placing your order.

My Australian Citizenship application says not to use Laser Printer if I want scan the endorsed photo. Do you use laser printing for passport photos

Hello, We only use Kodak Photo Printers and Paper.

How much do Nigerian passport photos cost?

$9.99 for the 2 photos that you need.

What is written on the back of the canadian citizenship photos?

Provide the name of the photographer or the studio, the studio address and the date the photos were taken on the back of both the photos.

Can I submit a RAW photo file? Thanks.

No a RAW file will not upload, a .jpg file is what we want.

Hello, I need to order passport photos. Where can I upload or send to you to see if the photo we took at home is acceptable for this purpose? I made sure to follow all your instructions while taking the photo. Thanking you, Sonal.

Go ahead and place an order through our website. You will receive an email within one business day letting you know if the photo is good enough or not. If the photo is not good enough you will receive information on the problems and how to fix them. then you can reply to that email and achat a new photo.

Hello, I need photos for a Canadian Citizenship Certificate. Can you provide those? Thank you.

Hello Jason, Yes we can make your Canadian Citizenship photos for you. All you need to do is use your phone or camera following the 10 tips on our “How to take a passport photo” Webpage. Then place the order and we will make sure the photo meet all the requirements of the consulate. We do offer rush/expedited services also, here is a link to our “Pricing” webpage. Let me know if you have any other questions. Bruce hallstrom PassportPhotoNow

!need a digital passport picture for UK so I can apply on line can you do that how long would it take how much does it cost?

Yes, we make digital passport files for the United kingdom online service. The cost is $17.99 and the standard time is 2-4 business days. We do have rush services if it is needed for an extra fee.

Hello, May I inquire if you mail Canadian Passport photos to Honolulu Hawaii ? Can we use Apple iPhone 11 pro ? Thank you! Aniko K

Hello Aniko, Yes we can mail you Canadian Passport photos to Honolulu Hawaii. Also Yes you can use our iPhone.

I have a Samsung Galaxy 5. Can I use its camera to take a photo?

I would say that 97% of all phone cameras including the Galaxy 5 can not make a good enough quality photo to pass for a passport photo requirerments. All you need is any hand held point and shot digital camera with a built in flash to take the photo. Even a 5 year old camera will be better then any phone camera.

I took several pictures of my wife for her Australian passport but I don't know which one is going to be good enough to use. If I upload more than one will you tell me which one (if any) is ok? I have to do two more sets for my son and daughter and it would help to know how to do it correctly. Thanks.

Please go ahead and just upload the one you think is the best picture. We will then review the photo and let you know if it will work or not with instructions on how to take a new photo correctly if needed. ~ Bruce

Do i need to be clean-shaven for an Australian Passport? is facial hair ok?

Facial hair is ok for Australian Passport Photos.

Could you tell me how much your service is please? Thank you, Michelle Tomkins

Hello Michelle, Our standard service cost is $9.99 for 2 photos including shipping. You can see all prices on this page; Bruce

Can you post the photos to an address in Canada?

Yes, we can post the photos to a address in Canada.

My husband needs his German Passport photos. I know the requirements, but I know the photos I take will not be the exact correct size. Do you crop and size the photos I send you via .jpg so I don't have to worry about getting the exact correct size?

Yes, we will size the photo correctly to meet all the requirements of the German Government. When taking the photo just follow the 10 tips on our "How to take a passport photo" webpage.

Hi, I ordered some passport photos for an Australian passport and I was wondering if it was possible to get a reprint of these? Best, Leanne

Hello, Yes, just place a new order and in the comment box type "Use photo from order 20XXXXJUN" this will help speed things up.

Australian passport renewal in process but photos have been rejected....they recommended your service. Could you please advise on camera settings for best results.. I have a Nikon SLR digital. I have also just had a terrible experience with the USPS...lost my passport for four weeks sent two day priority...needless to say I an concerned about using them now as time is crucial. Do you offer FEDEX? Thanks for your reply, Belinda Rohn

Belinda, Please set your camera to all the highest setting for resolution and quality. Also make sure the flash on your camera fires when you take the photo. We only use USPS and will email you the tracking number if you select Priority mail services. We have used USPS for years and have had great results.

Hello. My wife needs a photo in the size of 30mm X 40mm for re-applying for Foreign National ID in Japan. Would you be able to do the ID photo with this size? Thank you, Hiro

Hello, Please we can make 30mm x 40mm photos for Foreign National ID in Japan.

Hi i need photos for my australian passport renewal, i have photos taken at walgreens, can i scan these over to you to size them correctly for me or do i have to take another photo and upload

Hello mary, You will need to take a new photo and upload the digital file to our website. If Walgreens can give you the original digital file it might work as well. Passport Photo Now

Do you make photos on matte paper instead of glossy?

We only print on semi-glossy paper.

I'm trying to take pictures for my newborn for Canadian passport. What type of shipping do you use to send to Canada? I would like to receive photo ASAP. Let me know what options I have Thanks

We will use USPS first class, USPS priority or USPS Express mail.

Hi, I need ONE USA visa photo to upload to US Embassy in Egypt application. I just need the photo emailed to me. I am located in Egypt and do not need the hard copy of the photos. How much do you charge for that service and how long does it take to be emailed back to me. Thanks.

Hello, The cost is $17.98 to have a photo emailed to you. The standard time is 3-4 business days to have it printed and email, but if you pay an additional $9.99 the email and photos would be sent by the next business day.

My photo is for Australian Passport. they are requesting the photo to be printed in dye sublimation. is that what you do?

Yes we use Kodak Dye Sublimation. That is one of the reasons why every Australian Consulate recommends our services.

Hi, early this year (March 22nd), you did several passport photos and sent me a digital copy as well. Are you able to reprint the photos? Thanks and regards, Dan Guyder

Hello, All you need to do is place another order for whatever you need. You will need to upload any photo and in the comment box type “Use photo from Order #”. You can select rush service and upgrade the shipping if you need it. Bruce Hallstrom Passport Photo Now

I am renewing my NZ passport online so instead of printing the photo can you e-mail it back to me?

Yes, we can email you your photo but you will still get two hard copies mailed to you. The total cost would be $17.98

i had a picture recently done at wal-mart. im sure everything but the correct sizing for my canadian passport is correct. since i only have the actual picture and not a jpeg of it, can i scan the picture from my printer and upload a jpeg that way?

We must have the original digital file to make any passport photo. A scanned photo will not work either. It must be the original digital file out of the camera. Passport photonow

Hello! Will you able to fulfill the specific, following photo requirements for a Canadian passport renewal: "The following information must be included on the back of one photo: The name of the photographer or studio; The full physical address of the photographer or studio where the picture was taken including the unit and street number, street, city, province, country, and postal code; and The date the photos were taken."

Yes we do all of this for you, but after 10 years of never having any problems there is one person at the Canadian consulate that has just started rejecting photos because they were printed online. So there is now a chance it can be rejected. Passportphotonow

do you put their name, address and the date that the picture is taken on the back of the photo?

If the country you need your photos for need the address and date on the back, yes we will do that.

My background keeps coming out yellow ... any suggestions?

Don't worry about that we will lighten up the background when we print it.

I need to renew my 3 year old Irish Passport are you able to give me passport photos the correct sizing

Yes, we know all the requirement of the Irish government and guarantee the photos will pass.

I need picture print for Canada temporary resident visa and US I-485 for me and my wife where should I go who can provide me digital picture so I can send you.... any suggestion... I am in buffalo NY appreciate your response... Thanks Mansoor

You can try one of the big box store that take passport photos. I would first call them to verify they will give you the original digital digital file on a CD or thumb drive. A scanned photo will not work. Or you can take the photo using your regular hand held digital camera that has a built in flash. See our sample photo page on our website for how to do it yourself.

We need an Australian passport photo for our son Ben. We are in Nashville. Should we try and take a photo with my iphone 6 on a white background and send it to you or would we be better getting a usual US passport photo from Wallgreens. We also have a good cannon SLR but hardly ever use that these days. Alternatively is there someone in Nashville we could go to? Thanks Simon

Hello Simon, Your best option would be to use your Cannon DSLR, as that will give you the best digital file. Once you have placed the order and if the photo is not good enough we will send you an email letting you know what the problems are and how to fix them. You then would just take another photo and replay to that email and attach the new digital file to it. We will do that until you get us a good enough photo. Bruce Passportphotonow

What is the fastest turnaround - if I upload a photo today (Oct 16) and use your "RUSH" service do I also need to add an option for mailing the photos like "Priority or Express USPS" or do I just select the RUSH ??

Our standard service time for an order to be printed and put in the mail is 3-4 business days and is sent via standard USPS mail. If you select "RUSH" service the photos will be printed and put in the mail by the next business day via standard USPS mail. If you want to upgrade your shipping to have the mailing process faster then you would also need to pay for Priority or Express USPS.

You say you can come to my home - do you take photos in San Diego.

Sorry, We only have our mobile service in Orange County CA.

I was wondering, can you mail photos directly to a consulate for me, instead of shipping them to me, then me having to ship them? It would save lot's of money and time.

Yes, we do that all the time. You just need to put the Consulates address with the contact name in the Ship to portion of our order form (Step 2).

Any chance you can courier photos to Maun, Botswana? I have been trying for three weeks, and no one here is capable of getting the passport photos done for the right dimensions for the Australian Passport. PLease let me know what charges would be applicable and the time frame. thanks

Yes, we can mail your completed Australian Passport Photos anywhere in the world you need them sent...

Hi, I would like to order for Malaysia passport photo, but however I found that the photo requirement in your webpage is not consistent with the latest requirement of Malaysia passport photo. Below is the requirement I downloaded from the Malaysia immigration website: - 2 recent identical photographs taken in front of plain white or off-white background • 35mm x 50mm • Size such that the head is between 25mm –30mm from the bottom of the chin to the top of head Please kindly clarify before I put my order. Thanks!

Please go ahead and place the order for Malaysian Passport photos and put these requirements in the comment on the first step when placing the order.

i see now that u recommend NOT using an iphone camera to take the shot My digital camera is quite old a Sony Cybershot , 10.1 mega pixels. Will this be adequate? So very grateful for your assistance. getting Auusie Passport photos in the US has been a nightmare in previous experiences!!!

Yes that will be adequate. Just make sure the camera is set to all its highest setting and that the flash fires when you take the photo.

hi, I have previously used your service for my canadian passport and was super pleased with the results. I would like to use your service for citizenship applications for my children. I believe that the sizes are the same but the stamp on the back does not have the guarantor signature just the following name of photographer and studio, studio address and date they were taken in case they are different from passports here are the photo requirements ( 2 identical photos/each child) 1) must be printed on quality photographic paper 2) info above on back 3) against plain white or light colored background 4) the frame size must be at least 35 X 45 mm 5) the size of the head, from chin to crown must be between 31 and 36 mm is this something you can do ? I have the pics ready thanks, Alexander Beeser

Hello, The Canadian Passport photos are not the same size and have different requirements from the Canadian Citizenship photos. Yes we can make Canadian Citizenship photos for you and know exactly what needs to be done to make them pass. ~ Bruce

I have read the Canadian passport pictures guidelines and I am fine with overall guidelines and have a suitable camera. My question is the size ranges (very specific) and whether I need to do trial/error to get in that size range or you adjust(electronically) to get them there? I will be taking these pictures for 3 of us, any other advice you can offer would be appreciated. Please let me know, thank you

Hello, We will adjust your photo to the correct size for you. Please upload us your full size file unaltered through our website and we will do what is needed. Please our sample photo page for other photo tips.

Hi , Are you able to do passport photos for Angola? The country is not listed on your webpage. Thanks Tanya

Yes, We can make passport photos for Angola or any other country.

Do you do Canadian Permanent Resident Card photos? They are not the same as passport photos. This is the guide link.

Yes, we do Canadian Permanent Resident card photos. When placing the order you will have the choose to select them.

I do not have a digital file of a passport photo, but have the actual photo from a local camera store. Can I mail you the actual passport photo and you can make it fit the specifications for an Australian passport?

No, I am sorry but I have to have the original digital file that came from the camera that took the picture. A hard photo, scanned photo or a photo of a photo will not work.

I wanted to use this service for my Jamaican passport since I tried countless of time to get it done at Walgreens and CVS but all got rejected. What would I have to do in order to send the picture to you. For instance do I need to take it on a white background of would you be able to adjust it for m when taken. Just please give me a breakdown of all I need to do. Thank You

Hello, To send the photo to us you would just upload your photo and pay for the service that you need. To take a good photo please see our webpage "How to take a passport photo" Here is the link: If you have any other questions please ask. Regards, Bruce

Hi, I am looking for someone that can make Canadian Visa photos (35mm x45mm) and I am having a hard time finding somebody. There's four of us and we need 2 each (total 8) with the photographer info on the back including our names and date of birth. Is it possible for you to make them for us and we receive in a timely manner. Please let me know if its possible. Kind Regards, Norah.

Yes, we make Canadian Visa photos everyday. The only thing we need to put on the back of the Visa photo is the date the photo was taken on one photo. Canadian Citizenship and Passport photos both need the photographers information, not the visa are you sure it is the Visa photo you need? Regards, Bruce

Hi there, I have a photo of my son that would be a suitable passport photo for him if it weren't for the background. Is it possible that you can you change the background to white so that I can use it for a passport photo? I need it for an Australian passport. Thanks

Yes we will adjust the background so it is white.

i need a photo with a light blue background, do you do that? To apply for a Costa Rican identity card (cédula) for the first time, you must personally submit the following documents to the Consulate: Two colour photographs (3.5 cm high by 3 cm wide) with light blue or blue background. Child Identification Card (Tarjeta de Identificación de Menores or TIM)

Hello, Yes, we can make those photos for you exactly like you need them for the Costa Rican ID card. Please place the order and put any photos specification you have in the comment box. Thank you, Bruce Hallstrom Passportphotonow

we are renewing my wife's united kingdom passport and need photos . can we come to you to have photos taken rather than uploading ours 949-xxx-xxxx

Hello, If you do not want to use the online service for $9.99 we have a mobile service that will come to your home or office for $60 for the first person and then $40 for each additional person. Both services are guaranteed to pass the UK standards. Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm pst Regards, Bruce Hallstrom Passport Photo Now

Hi, I need to order some passport pictures for my son who will be studying abroad. Unfortunately, he is out of the country right now. I had him take a picture of himself and send them to me. How do I know if the pictures will be suitable?? Sincerely, Carol Anne

Hello Carol, Once we receive your order you place online and before we print it, we will evaluate your photo for quality. If it is not good enough we will send you an email with information on how to fix your photo. We will do this until we get a good photo from you. Regards, Bruce Hallstrom Passport Photo Now

Hello! I was wondering if you do Certificate of Eligibility photos for Japan. It has to be a 3 x 4 cm photo. I cannot find anyone to do them for me in my state.

Hello, Yes we can make them for you. When ordering just select a Japanese passport photos and please put all information about the size you need in the comment box and we will make your Japan Certificate of Eligibility photos. Regards, Bruce - Passport Photo Now

Hello, The photo that I took with a digital camera is 886 KB. Will that be sufficient? Thank you

Hello, With out seeing the digital file it is hard to say. Put generally we need at the least a 1MB file. The bigger the file the better. Bruce

Hi I need photos for the UK Visa. I want to upload the photos but what about background. They have some specific requirements. Can you adjust the background according to what they need. Thanks

Yes, we will adjust the background to match the specification of the UK government.

I notice your phone is in the "949" area code where I live. Can I come to your office to have my Australian passport renewal photos taken? I have an appointment at the Australian Consulate Tuesday, May 10.

Unfortunately, we do not offer an in office service. We have two options our online service for $9.99 and a mobile service for $60.00. Both are guaranteed to be accepted. - Bruce

Hi, I have a photo that I took with my iphone 6 of my 5 week old daughter that I want to use for an Australia passport. i'm worried that it might not be a high enough resolution. If I send over the photo will I be contacted for a new photo if the resolution isn't high enough? Thank you, Sara

Hello, Yes, if your photo you send in not good enough we will contact you via email to let you know what the problems are and how to fix them. We will not print anything unless it will be accepted by the government it is needed for. - Bruce

Hi, Why does the photo I upload keep coming up blurry? I’ve tried 2 different photos and still no luck. The very first one I tried worked, went through fine. I am needing a second identical photo and now it won’t work (trying to renew Australian passport). Thanks, Alison.

It only looks blurry because it is just showing you the thumbnail file so you know you uploaded the correct photo. Please move forward and place your order, if it turns out the photo is blurry we will let you know and ask for a new photo from you.

G’day! We are a family of 7 needing to renew our Australian and American passports! I was wondering if I could send you all the pics we took and you let us know if they are acceptable. We need two of each person for each passport of myself and my husband and 3 of the kiddos and then just two American passport photos of two other kiddos coz their Aussie passports are still up to date. Is that a possibility? I won’t send the pics until I hear back from you, but I thought it would be easier to just email them all rather than do each one as an individual order. Let me know! Thanks so much!

You will need to place an order for all the photos you need and then we will let you know if the photos are good enough or not.

Can I take Australian passport picture with my android phone? Don't have digital camera.

Yes, you can use you phone camera. Just follow the 10 tips on our "How to take a passport photo page"


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