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INSTRUCTIONS FOR UPLOADING YOUR DIGITAL FILE. • Click the -Get My Photo- button and select your photo, your photo should be a minimum of a 1MB file, it must be an original digital file un-altered, un-adjusted, un-cropped and be a jpg, png, gif file. • Select the country, the photo type and quantity. • If you have any special instructions please type them below in the comment box. Then click the next button. • Don’t worry about any cropping as that is what you are paying us to do correctly for you. If you are having trouble uploading your photo please try a different browser like; Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or a newer IE.

By selecting, Email me the digital file after the images have been adjusted. You will receive an email of the photos at the time the photo has been adjusted and just before the photos get shipped. Please make sure your email address is correct.

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